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Writing under the pseudonym “Faith”, Silk Roads Reviews was originally created so Faith could practise her writing skills in 2019.

Faith was motivated to start her blog partly because of the creativity that was encouraged in her English classes at University.

She describes herself as a writer, blogger and a bad photographer. As well as a makeup, skincare and fashion enthusiast (not an expert). But above all, she is a bookwork and constantly reads almost anything that sounds interesting.

She is currently finishing a Law and English degree at University and writes blog posts on her favourite book usually three times a month.

She is a Fijian-Indian student and loves reading books filled with adventure, magic, romance, and diversity of all sorts.

About Silk Roads Reviews

More information coming soon.

Until then, sign up to hear about where my journey began.

Q: When was Silk Roads Reviews Founded?

A: Silk Roads Reviews started publishing articles from 2019 and has been going strong ever since.

Previously, the blog was called Silk Roads Lifestyle, and after some rebranding the blog was finally called Silk Roads Reviews.

Q: What does Silk Roads Review Publish?

A: Silk Roads Reviews talk about books! We review new books, old books, book subscription hauls and really anything related to books!

We occasionally also write blog posts about makeup, skincare and fashion. More recently, Silk Roads Reviews also features posts about being a law student and general tips and advice to surviving and understand law school.

Q: What are Netgalley Reviews?

A: NetGalley is an online platform where publishers and authors provide digital review copies of their books to members (bloggers, librarians, educators etc.) who are able to access, read, review and recommend those books to their audiences.

Faith has been a NetGalley reviewer since 2021.

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