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Fashion: Meshki Suit Set Review

It has been a long time since I’ve done a product review so I thought of reviewing something that relates to my Life Of A Law Student posts: a suit set from Meshki. I’ve had my eye on a set from Meshki for a few years now. I’ve followed them on social media for theContinue reading “Fashion: Meshki Suit Set Review”

DOUBLE BRAND REVIEW Reformation and For Love & Lemons

Reformation and For Love & Lemons are two brands that I have been extremely excited to shop from for a good two years now. I’ve been browsing and tempted to buy a lot of things, mainly since they are both ethical and sustainable brands, I really wanted to support them and spend some money. InContinue reading “DOUBLE BRAND REVIEW Reformation and For Love & Lemons”

Clothing Review: Abyss by Abby

Abyss by Abby is a luxury clothing brand I found out about in my last year of high school. I was browsing the internet for a potential ball dress (or prom dresses, whatever you call it in your country), and although I ultimately did not buy my ball dress from this website, I did endContinue reading “Clothing Review: Abyss by Abby”