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Fashion: Meshki Suit Set Review

It has been a long time since I’ve done a product review so I thought of reviewing something that relates to my Life Of A Law Student posts: a suit set from Meshki.

I’ve had my eye on a set from Meshki for a few years now. I’ve followed them on social media for the last few years and I absolutely love them. I really appreciate their body positivity, diversity and inclusivity messages as well as their messages of empowerment and confidence on their social media. It was those messages that got my attention. So, it was only a matter of time before I spent my money on them.

Image taken from Meshki’s website linked here

Now, this suit set is from The Future Is Female campaign from a few years ago. While this campaign collection is a few years old, it is still very popular a lot of the pieces are still available for purchase. The collection features blazers, pants, shirts, dresses and skirts. They come in neutrals as well as a few brighter colours as well.

So, starting with the Helda Fitted Cinched Waist Blazer, I bought this in the colour black and in the size small. The material feels great, it’s thick, it’s heavy and structured, so it’s not flimsy or stretchy at all. I am usually an XS through so I did size up to a S instead. I would recommend sizing up if you buy this because the blazer does cinch in pretty tightly at the waist and movement can be a bit restricted. So, a size S fits me perfectly and it was functional since I could move properly in it.

Image taken from Meshki’s website linked here

I also bought the matching pants, the Indie High Waist Pants in the colour black and I bought them in the size XS. I have the same comments for these pants, the material and quality feel great and it’s well-tailored. Now, for these pants, I did buy my regular size and it does fit perfectly but it is tailored for a more curvy body shape. So, the top part of the pants (the area around the thighs) is a bit puffy. So, because of this, it doesn’t suit my body shape very well, but with the blazer on it’s not very noticeable. I do love that it’s high-waisted though! I prefer high-waisted bottoms and it’s surprisingly difficult finding a decent pair of high-waist work-appropriate pants.

Shipping was beyond amazing. Meshki is an Australian brand and I received my products in a week. So, I’m blown away at how quickly it was shipped out.

The only downside was the price. This set was on the more expensive side. The blazer was $141 and the pants were $97. Keep in mind I bought both of these items when it was on sale. So, the original price is even more expensive. The blazer is originally $164 and the pants are $109. While it is expensive, I don’t regret buying it, I love the quality and I am happy with the size and fit so I don’t mind. But, yikes, it hurt my wallet.

Overall, I’m generally really happy with what I bought. While the sizing for the pants is a little bit awkward but I still love how it looks when it’s paired together with the blazer (although I may get the pants altered slightly, however, I am undecided on that). But, of course, ultimately, I feel great wearing it as well. So, this is easily a good purchase.

That’s it for my review! If you’ve ever purchased anything from Meshki or if you’ve bought the same products then let me know what you think of it! Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.


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