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Clothing Review: Tiger Mist

Tiger Mist has been a brand which (still is) extremely popular on social media and naturally, since they are social media famous I thought I should try them out (coincidentally a lot of my favourite influencers have tried and loved their clothes).

They actually have a story similar to House of CB (which has a full review linked here), their goal is to empower and make their customers feel confident in the pieces they design in house in Australia. Also, the brand was founded by two sisters (Alana and Stevie Pallister) back in 2007. Other than that, there is not a lot of information about the brand on their website.

So, I’ve bought two clothing pieces from this brand – just a bodysuit and a pair of pants. With respect to the price they don’t cost as much as House of CB or Abyss by Abby (which I also previously did a review linked here), their clothes are pricey but much more affordable, especially when they’re having a sale. (Actually, here’s a pro tip: after following Tiger Mist for over two years now, I’ve noticed that they have store-wide sales every 3 months or so. If there’s something you want to try out from the shop I would recommend waiting for a sale they go up to 50%+).

Shipping was extremely fast, I think out of every online purchase I have made, Sephora and Tiger Mist were the quickest. I managed to get my clothing pieces (which I bought separately on two separate occasions) just about a day or two after I made the initial purchase. So, shipping was great.

So onto the products, first the bodysuit. The Bentley crop top and Bentley dress on their website are actually really popular and loved products but I needed more bodysuits in my closet so I ultimately decided to buy a Bentley Bodysuit (in white). As I said, I bought this on sale for $21, usually, this bodysuit retails for $55 full price. Since it was in white I was afraid that it would be transparent or a bit see-through and THANK GOODNESS it wasn’t. I found that the material was pretty thick so I didn’t have to worry about anything being on show, the quality felt nice as well, not necessarily expensive but it certainly didn’t feel cheap (which is good because if you paid the full price, I would hope the material and quality is worth it). Now, on me, I found that it was a little bit loose – the strings are not adjustable and didn’t sit well on my shoulders – it keeps slipping down and I have yet to figure out how to tighten the strings. But other than that, the bodysuit actually does fit reasonably well. Also, just a note that since it’s backless so you’ll need nipple covers or hey go commando no judgments here.

Image does not belong to me and are for visual purposes only.

Finally, the pants. These pants are actually my favourite thing ever. I got them for $25 on sale and the full price is $80. The Flores Pants (now sold out sadly) is the perfect mix of elegant but show-stopping. The material actually felt comfortable, the pants were stretchy the quality of the material actually pretty expensive as well. I decided not to size up or down and using their size chart I figured out my size and bought my exact size. It fit a bit tight around the waist but like I said the pants were stretchy so it fit well and didn’t pinch me or anything – and then, the leg was actually a little bit loose as well. The frills on the bottom flutter every time I took a step, at first it was fun but after a while it did get a little bit annoying but other than that there isn’t any fault. 

So, to finish, Tiger Mist is fabulous but ever-so slightly overpriced. Like I said earlier, if there is a piece you would like to buy from the brand I would highly suggest waiting for their store-wide sales (they post about it frequently on their social media platforms so don’t worry, you won’t miss it).

That’s it for my review, I hope you enjoyed this post and of course, I hope you have a safe and lovely day.


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