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Clothing Review: House of CB

I’m a huge fan of Beyonce, so when I found out that House of CB was one of her favourite ‘affordable’ online clothing stores, I was instantly curious and I wanted to try out the brand ever since.

So a bit about the brand. House of CB launched in 2010 by Conna Walker (who was 17 years old at the time). On the brands website, it stated that House of CB’s goal is to empower women through their clothing pieces, wanting their customers to feel confident, sexy and powerful. I mean, we got to love and respect women who support other women so this brand is approved by me.

Price wise House of CB is… well on Beyonce’s level this brand is as affordable as it gets. There are a few pieces below £50 in the sale section, but other than that, most of their pieces cost around £100+. Also, shipping seems reasonable but I bought my piece in store at a TopShop in London so I can’t comment about how fast shipping was for me (since I bought it in store). Customer service at TopShop was exceptional, they were really friendly and although I bought this clothing piece from TopShop, they still packed it in House of CB branded packaging which I of course kept because it’s gorgeous (I don’t know why but I hoard things like that).

Image taken from House of CB’s website

Now, on to what I bought from House of CB. I only bought one piece, and frankly it wasn’t what I planned on buying. I was planning on buying a bodysuit but the one I saw online wasn’t available in store but then I found the Kara Floral Ruched Cotton Ruffle Dress. This dress wasn’t as short as I imagined it to be, I am reasonably tall so I was a bit afraid to was too mini but I found that the length was (still short) but still long enough to make me feel covered up. I bought an XS and it was a little bit tight putting it on but it does stretch out and it is comfortable wearing it around – the dress does hike up a little bit when you sit down, but again it’s not too short on me.

The dress is double lined so you can go braless with it and the bustline is adjustable by the strings. The material – while it is cotton – feels luxurious on the skin and the adjustable strings are closed off by metal latched so it shouldn’t fray. Overall, the quality and fit was really great and you definitely do feel confident in their pieces.

The price was £119 and when you convert it to other currencies it can be quite pricey, personally I don’t think it is a little bit overpriced and I won’t be buying anything as expensive again BUT I still do plan on buying a bodysuit (or maybe a pair of heels) from this website. I can’t even think of any cons about this brand other than the price point, you definitely get what you pay for but like I said, sometimes the price is just overpriced but not a rip off.

And that is it for my House of CB review. A short review yes, but then again I did only buy one piece (if I ever buy more things from this brand I’ll update this post!). Thanks for reading, leave a comment if you picked up anything from House of CB I’d love to know and as usual I hope you all have a lovely day.

Stay home, stay safe and take care.


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