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Clothing Review: Abyss by Abby

Abyss by Abby is a luxury clothing brand I found out about in my last year of high school. I was browsing the internet for a potential ball dress (or prom dresses, whatever you call it in your country), and although I ultimately did not buy my ball dress from this website, I did end up getting a dress from here a while later.

Image: Run the Show dress

I don’t know much about the brand except what they provide us with on their website. Essentially, in the summer of 2009, Abby designed and launched Abyss by Abby. The brand was the result of Abby’s love for fashion and the brand specialises in dresses for the girls who love being the centre of attention. In fact, their tag line is “Pretty pieces with an audacious attitude” so I feel like that’s very fitting and perfectly describes the type of clothing they sell. (Just a little side note, I am notoriously shy, so maybe you’re like me and you just love being a little classy or extra sometimes).

So I did mention that this brand is a luxury brand, therefore, it is a bit expensive… I take that back the dresses are a lot expensive. Most dresses would cost you about $200+ depending on which dress you decide to buy. So these dresses are definitely for a special occasion. Don’t freight though, they do have a (really good) sale sections where some dresses are about $50- $150. Still, a bit pricey I know, however, the quality for the dresses is perfect! So, I think that the price is worth it.

Shipping wasn’t as expensive as it was for Cry Baby but it wasn’t as cheap as Missguided either. Abyss by Abby is based in Australia, so if you live in Oz then you’ll spend $10 on shipping. You will end up spending double that amount if you live in NZ, Canada, USA or the UK. Shipping to any other country will cost you $40. In some cases, yeah, shipping is a lot as well, but I would like to point out that they only use express shipping. So you’re essentially paying more for shipping in order to receive it faster which I don’t mind as much – especially since I’m the kind of person who would obsessively check the tracking link until my package arrives.

So here’s the thing, the reason why I bought a dress on this website in the first place was that I won one of their gift card giveaways on Instagram. They do these giveaways pretty often actually, they have a monthly giveaway for $300 and then occasionally they have daily $100 giveaways which usually run for a week – By the way, since I won one of these giveaways, I can confirm that THEY ARE LEGIT. I entered their Christmas giveaway where for 25 days until Christmas they would gift a $100 gift card to a lucky winner and I won one of it. They announced all the winners on their Instagram – so everyone knew about it. They next sent a DM which essentially said ‘Congrats for winning! Please email (their email here) for your $100 discount code/ online gift card’. I followed those steps and in about two hours I received an emailed reply with the discount code as well as a time limit – Their customer service is a big plus point, I found with this experience that they were very efficient, concise and polite. From memory (since this was back in 2018) I think I had about 1 week to use the code before it expired. So, of course I was excited this was the first ever giveaway I won so I rushed to their website and bought a dress.

Onto what I bought with my gift card. Like I said, most of the dresses were about $200, and since it was my first time ever, buying something from this brand I didn’t want to spend so much money – especially since I didn’t have anywhere to wear the dress too, I just really wanted to use my gift card since it would expire in a week. I ended up buying a dress from the sale section, it was $120 (without shipping), so with my $100 gift card, I just had to pay the extra $20 and shipping. Which I didn’t mind, the dress looked gorgeous and I thought that if the dress didn’t turn out good, then no harm done since I would have only spent $20 of my own money rather than the whole $120.

Image: TIKA dress

The dress was a bronze/ brown colour, which is actually a few shades darker than my skin tone so, I was a little bit worried I might look too nude in it but luckily it doesn’t. The dress has a shiny/ metallic look to it so the dress still managed to stand out on me. As you can see by the image, it’s a one-shoulder dress with a mid-thigh split up one side and a knot in the centre.

As usual, I used the size guide and figured out my dress size, I was really afraid the dress wouldn’t fit me properly since it did look a bit tight fitting on the model. However, when I tried it on, the dress fit perfectly, and there was a zipper on the dress as well. The only thing you should know is that the dress is pretty long in length. I’m a reasonably tall person (around 5’6) so I don’t have an issue with the length of the dress. But if a dress is too long you can very easily just wear a pair of heels so it doesn’t drag on the ground. If you’re shorter then I would suggest maybe getting it altered if necessary.

I also want to mention how amazing the quality of the dress is. This dress, in particular, feels silky to the touch, also, the dress has another layer of material on the inside, so yes, you can go braless while wearing this dress and won’t have to worry about a thing. Since there is an extra layer on the inside, I do want to mention that the dress is pretty heavy as well. Overall, I will have to say that you do pay for what you get, and what you get is very worth it.

I don’t have any negative things to say about this brand, and so far I am not aware of any bad reviews at this stage.

Overall, although I only bought that one clothing item, I do plan on buying more dresses from them in the future if I do have some kind of special event coming up. They have a huge range of dresses in a lot of amazing styles. I found my experience with very pleasant and would recommend that if you are interested in buying a dress to definitely buy it.

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Abyss by Abby in any way and I am not making any money from this review. Also, the images are taken from their website and belong to them, I take no credit for the images, they are for visual purposes only.


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